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I am new here... My name is Edina Lancz and I am a hearing linguist
specialised in Hungarian Sign Language. At present I am involved in
developing teaching materials for training Deaf translators, who translate
written Hungarian into HSL (websites, legal texts, news, tales, etc.). In
the short Linguistics textbook I am writing I would like to recommend
SignWriting as a way to write down their translations. Two other methods we
introduce in our teaching pack is the notation system used by consecutive
interpreters of spoken languages (this would enable them to make notes about
the original text) and glossing, which would remind them of their
translations but would require the re-creaction of the signed text for the
recording. SignWriting would make it possible for them to simply 'read out'
their translation in front of the camera.

As 99% of Hungarian Deaf do not read English I have started to translate one
version of the Manual into Hungarian, and Val has already promised me that
there will be a web area in Hungarian if I help with the translation. And I
help, of course, as I find SignWriting an amazing tool that finally enables
Deaf people to write in their own language.

After finishing the translation I will face the big task of inserting HSL
examples in the text. This task has two sides, a linguistic one and a
techical one. In both I hope to receive help from you... Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Edina Lancz


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