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Thanks for your help. The copy-paste method works and now even dragging started to work. I noticed that the grey background was there only when I chose 'transparent backgrund' in Costumise. Anyway, the point is that it works and I have created quite a few new entries in the HSL dictionary. I am wondering if they are correct... Could some of you check them for me? 

As for the videos, that site is done in a way that there isn't a different URL for each sign, it's always the same That's why I tried to explain how you can find the sign by typing in the word and then choosing the variation from the right side. What I forgot to say was that after typing the word you have to click the button 'Keresés' (Search).


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  My way to get stuff into word is to "Save As" a graphic (.png) and then import that graphic into Word.  I tried to move it directly and I get the grey box as well.  One can export a whole file or sentence that way.  It's a little complex, but my printer gives me problems as well. 


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  Hi Everybody,

  Stefan, there is a problem with the dictionary you used... It is the creation of the hearing interpreter you can see on the videos and he is working on it without consulting a single Deaf person. As a result many of the signs he uses are different from the ones Deaf people use in general. HUNGARIAN is one example for this, I am afraid. Ha also uses articulation more often than most Deaf people would in a natural context.

  Charles, thanks for the correction, I think you are right about the handshape.

  And thanks, Val, for the explanation... You are right, I should spend more time reading about the basics. I have checked the manual now, and still cannot understand this Word thing, though. OK, I format the sign by using the Costumize button but what do I do next? How can I transfer it to Word without the getting the gray background?

  Is there a 'wavy arch' arrow I could use in COUNTRY? If not, what shall I do?

  Thanks again for all your help,

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  Hi Valerie, Edina and SW-listers...

  I transcribed the sign for Hungary as I found it in the Hungarian video - collection - 

  Look for: Magyar

  The signer performs lip movements that should be documented as if he says [mʌʤa:] the Hungarian word for Hungary  (I agree - no "N" - smile)

  So Valerie yes you are right - this is not the German word for Ungarn -

  All the best 

  Stefan ;-)

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  SignWriting List
  March 2, 2009

  Hello Stefan!
  Thanks for the writing of the sign for HUNGARY...The sign is very clear.

  I am getting used to reading the speech on the lips. I am a pretty bad  
  lip reader in English, that is for sure ;-))

  In German, the words for Hungary and Hungarian are Ungarn and that correct?

  So are the mouths mouthing the German word Ungarn in your example? How  
  would it look different if it were the English word, HUNGARY?

  What does mandza mean?... I am sorry to ask so many questions...I  
  would like to learn to read Woehrmann's SpeechWriting....

  Val ;-)


  On Mar 2, 2009, at 2:19 PM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:



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