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March 4, 2009

> On Mar 3, 2009, at 5:07 AM, Lancz Edina wrote:
> Thanks for your help. The copy-paste method works and now even  
> dragging started to work. I noticed that the grey background was  
> there only when I chose 'transparent backgrund' in Costumise.  
> Anyway, the point is that it works and I have created quite a few  
> new entries in the HSL dictionary. I am wondering if they are  
> correct... Could some of you check them for me? As for the videos,  
> that site is done in a way that there isn't a different URL for each  
> sign, it's always the same That's why I tried to  
> explain how you can find the sign by typing in the word and then  
> choosing the variation from the right side. What I forgot to say was  
> that after typing the word you have to click the button  
> 'Keresés' (Search)

Hello Edina and Everyone!
Thanks for this message. I am glad your work with SignPuddle and  
Microsoft Word has gotten easier for you.

Yes...that grey or black box that sometimes appears when dragging or  
copying signs from SignPuddle to another program, is happening because  
of the transparent getting rid of the transparency is  
the key...sometimes we need the transparency and sometimes we don't,  
so many thanks to Steve, SignPuddle software developer, for giving us  
both options..

As to why it gives us a transparency sometimes, when we don't want it,  
has to do with old and new software, and also some programs are  
different than others...I am on a Mac and use an up-to-date version of  
Microsoft Word for the Mac, but even on the Mac, I have these problems  
with an old version of Adobe InDesign that needs to be  
keeping our software and computers up to date is part of the issue,  
and we can't all afford to buy new software or we just  
work around the issues that vary from time to time...

So keep asking questions and I am sure we can resolve them, one way or  
the other!

Regarding checking the videos for your signs on

...that poses a different problem...because I do not know the  
Hungarian spoken language, I found it very hard to find the videos for  
your specific signs...and like always, I am juggling 100 jobs at a  
time, so maybe later I can try to find them again...sorry for the delay!

If you can figure out how you can give us an exact link to a video, or  
get permission to post the video itself to me or the List, that would  
make things go faster!

Have a great day everyone -

Val ;-)


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