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March 2, 2009

On Mar 2, 2009, at 3:42 PM, Lancz Edina wrote:
> In general, I am a bit lost among the many features of the site.  
> What is the
> difference between writing signs in SignMaker, SignBank and SignText?

I am happy you are asking questions, Edina. We all learn from  
questions and answers!

Have you downloaded the SignPuddle Reference Manual on 
  Some of these questions will be answered for you there.

1. SignMaker
SignMaker is used to write individual signs, to add to a SignPuddle  

SignMaker is a button on the left, inside SignPuddle. I can see you  
already have used SignMaker, because you have already entered some  
individual signs, in your Hungarian dictionary.

2. SignBank is a separate program which you do not need right now.  
SignPuddle and SignBank are two separate computer programs that can  
work together. SignBank is both a database program for publishing  
large dictionaries sorted by sign-symbols, and also a way to prepare  
documents without Microsoft Word. We can talk about SignBank some  
other time...right now it is important that you learn SignPuddle.

3. SignText, like, SignMaker, is inside SignPuddle. There is a  
SignText button on the left. When you click on that, you can start  
writing full documents in SignWriting, which usually a written in the  
Literature Puddle.

Individual signs that are created in SignMaker can be formatted for  
Microsoft Word, by clicking on the Customize Button. The ColumnMaker  
button only appears to the right of full documents created by SignText.

See attached diagram and be sure to download the manual and view the  
video instruction ;-))

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