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March 2, 2009

On Mar 2, 2009, at 9:32 PM, Lancz Edina wrote:
> And thanks, Val, for the explanation... You are right, I should  
> spend more time reading about the basics. I have checked the manual  
> now, and still cannot understand this Word thing, though. OK, I  
> format the sign by using the Costumize button but what do I do next?  
> How can I transfer it to Word without the getting the gray background?

Hi Edina -
I didn't mean for you to sit and read a Reference Manual!...I wouldn't  
want to do that either ;-))

We can take things one step at a time here on the SignWriting List and  
sooner or later I am sure you will get quite skilled..our manuals are  
not perfect..there are quite a number of new features that have not  
been explained in the manuals...I am trying to update the manuals  
right now, as a matter of fact!

Anyway, regarding the issue of copying signs into Microsoft Word.  
Computers do vary, so apparently your computer does not let you drag  
and drop...and that is ok...there are other ways to do it for your  
computer. It just happens that I am very fortunate...on my computer I  
can open Microsoft word and just drag and it comes out perfectly in  
Word...but here is another technique:

1. Open Microsoft Word and SignPuddle side by side.
2. In SignPuddle, find the sign you want and click on Customize.
3. Then place your mouse on top of the sign, and right-click. Choose  
Copy Image.
4. Over in Microsoft Word, place your cursor where you want the sign  
to go and Paste.

Does that work for you?

See attached diagram:

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