Liquid sign

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Hmm. I like the hump this way, it does go up and down and up again.


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March 7, 2009

On Mar 7, 2009, at 2:37 PM, Cherie Wren wrote:
> I think I over emphasized the movement in the video...  It isnt really that large normally, and I normally only do 2 repetitions when its in a sentence.  When I was analyzing the movement, I looked at just one hand and imagined a dot on the hand and tried to visualize its path of motion, thats where I got the circle.  I knew it wasn't ...good enough... complete... right... whatever- but didn't know what else to do.  It does have a "to the right- to the right" wave feel, but.....  but I don't know.  My first thought was a figure eight, because of the wave and then back to starting motion.
> cherie

Hello Cherie -
This is an excellent sign to discuss and I suspect the discussion will go on for weeks!!

Today here is my last attempt (I have to go to an appointment now and will turn my computer off for the day)...

I am looking forward to other people's writing...I am sure we can find something that becomes well accepted over time...

Some signs just take time...I want to thank you, Adam, and Natasha and Cherie for your videos - those are really a help...and also Stefan and Charles, for your writing and comments...

Years ago, we had a little unspoken rule that if we wanted Wrist Motion, we added an arm line, or a tiny wrist line, at an angle to the handshape...and that would indicate that there is Wrist Motion during an arm movement...if the arm line or wrist line was at an angle to the other words...if the Wrist looked flexed already, in the starting position of the sign, then it meant that wrist motion continued throughout the sign...

I haven't mentioned that old rule for years, but it is an idea that we could develop further...

Anyway, here is another way of writing the sign based on that idea, creating the look or feel of a wrist flex, by adding the arm lines...

How does this feel, Natasha and Adam?

have a great Saturday, everyone!

Val ;-)
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