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March 7, 2009

On Mar 7, 2009, at 10:45 AM, MARIA AZZOPARDI wrote:
> Could you have two DocumentMaker programs working at the same time?  
> I'm
> thinking on the lines of saving one long document in one program and  
> then
> another long one (unrelated to the other document) in a separate  
> program,
> so that they won't become intertwined in the same program?
> Thanks,
> Maria

Hello Maria -
YES! I do this all the time. Imagine your DocumentMaker program is  
sitting on your computer desktop.

I select the DocumentMaker icon, and I copy and paste, or duplicate  
the file, so now I have two copies of the same DocumentMaker file on  
my computer desktop.

Then I name one file the name of the first document, like "Cat in the  
Hat", and the second one I name "Sleeping Beauty" or whatever the  
second file is named...

Then I open Sleeping Beauty, which is at the moment, a copy of Cat in  
the Hat, and I delete the Cat in the Hat files, and start a new  
Sleeping Beauty document...

I have a whole bunch of files like that ;-))

Val ;-)


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