AW: [sw-l] movement in LIQUID

Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Sat Mar 7 19:39:44 UTC 2009

Hi Valerie, 

ha - this is really a challenge - 

looking at your SW-spelling - mh - would I be able to perform what Cherie is
doing in the video?  Probably not - 

It is perhaps a question of how to give all the information that are needed
to come to an understanding from the readers/ recipients point of view. 
(Same problem with the complex roadrunner - performance we discussed before)

The scribe looks at his own "piece of art" in a different way. There are
probably many aspects in his mind that are not specifically expressed in the
message. How to make sure that the symbols that are arranged in a given way
express the information that at least two different people would do the same
if they are familiar with the writing system?

Perhaps it would make sense to look for kind of sequential documentation of
such complex movements. I can imagine that the wrist movements at  different
times cause specific problems. 

I do not have any other idea so far how to describe that - and I would be
happy if you could suggest some alternatives that would seem to be too much
detailed writing. I can accept that somebody like Cherie or you yourself
would accept this spelling as a kind of reminder what you have seen in the
video - smile - So you would accept this spelling as kind of every-day
writing - style. 

What I am interested in is to proof that MovementWriting allows us to
describe even this kind of complex movement - and if so I would not mind to
look at a sequence of 4 or 8 signs that will indicate the different "stills"
that can be seen during the whole movement. 

Know what I mean?  L.I.F.E - right Tini? 

Stefan ;-) 


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March 6, 2009

OK. Here attached is how I would write the sign for LIQUID in ASL. The  
two hands and arms move contacting and as a unit in a Wave that  
finishes up with emphasis at the end of each waves in the  
same direction four times. The transition between the waves does not  
have to be written. It is the emphasis at the end of all four waves  
that is important...In the attached you will see the sign broken down  
frame by frame...


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