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Sat Mar 7 20:31:23 UTC 2009

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March 7, 2009

On Mar 7, 2009, at 11:39 AM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:
> Perhaps it would make sense to look for kind of sequential  
> documentation of
> such complex movements. I can imagine that the wrist movements at   
> different
> times cause specific problems.

Hi Stefan!
Thanks for your message...there is a lot in your message and we can  
talk more every detail later today on the List...

But just to share the attached diagram...this is exactly the way I  
developed SignWriting. I would capture the important frames in a  
video, and place the frames in a sequence as individual photos, side  
by side, or down in a vertical column, just as you say above, giving a  
sequential documentation...See attached diagram. In the early days of  
development, as you know, we wrote Receptively because of the fact  
that I was transcribing from it was easier to see the  
connection to the photo frames taken from the video in the Receptive  
in the early we have to reverse in our heads, but that is  
what is needed later for reading signs properly so that is fine...just  
want to show you how I developed SignWriting in the attached....I  
captured the video frames and placed them in a sequence and then I  
wrote on top of the pictures, trying to capture the way it looked as  
best as I could, and then I would apply the rules of the writing  
system to the writing of the visual look of it...see attached

So what are the writing rules that are applied here?

1. Because the two hands are locked together and touching, one of the  
rules of the writing system is to make that a General Arrowhead, which  
means that the limbs are now like "one limb" doing the motion as one...

2. The motion is parallel to the Front Wall, so that takes the double  
stemmed arrow

3. and the elbows move, so it cannot be only Wrist is  
Arm Movement, or the "whole limb" movement...because the elbows, the  
wrists and the hands all move together...that is what I call Arm  
Movement...but I am thinking of changing the name to Limb Movement so  
it is understood that the wrist and hands are incorporated into Arm  

4. And since there is an emphasis on the ending of the wave four  
times, I make the emphasis part of the movement I don't  
bother to write the transition back to the beginning of the wave but  
finish at the emphasis point four times

Now of course there are other ways to write signs...there are always  
several ways of writing the same sign, just as there are several ways  
of writing sounds in English...but over time, one SignSpelling becomes  
the easiest to use and it becomes a little more "readable" by  
different scribes...of course it is an art form to make the signs  
really readable and it is a great privilege to go through this  
process...I am just sharing my way of writing and I hope it is of  
interest to you...I am sure you can write it well too and it would be  
fun to see how you would write it...

See mine attached -

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