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March 29, 2009

Hello Stefan! and everyone...
Thank you for this message, and wow! it is so impressive to see how  
many signs you have added to the German SignPuddle Dictionary:

German Sign Language Dictionary in SignPuddle

I see there are 8510 entries in your dictionary! You have been working  
hard! Congratulations...

Your question is a good one and has actually been discussed before  
here on the List. Years ago...back in the 1980's, we tried this idea  
of the repeated arrowheads and writing that way is fine and I love  
it...but...people did not always read it the way I expected...so let  
me try to explain how some people would do that motion...

Instead of going back to the beginning of the first arrow three times,  
they would do the first movement, and then they would move a tiny bit  
more forward the second time, and a tiny bit more forward again the  
third time...They would never return to the beginning position each  
time...I was disappointed myself to see how that was read...so I  
learned something from that...the three arrowheads have to become like  
"one symbol" literally written on top of each other like this...see my  
example attached...I put this in your German SignPuddle dictionary  
under "test Val"...which you are welcome to delete! here it is:

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On Mar 29, 2009, at 1:23 AM, Stefan W?hrmann wrote:
> Hi Valerie, sw-list members -
>  today I thought about a second way to indicate that the same  
> movement is performed two or three times. Just adding another  
> arrowhead should be enough ? what do you think? Would you read both  
> spellings as the same? Sometimes this option ? if possible ? would  
> allow to write the sign not so complex.
> water supply  (Wasserzulauf)
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