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Carol Nussbaumer carol at NUSSBAUMERS.NET
Tue May 12 18:54:40 UTC 2009

Monire Mose!  (Hello, everyone)

I am new to SW and very excited to find it.  I am a volunteer speech
therapist at the Embangweni School for the Hard of Hearing in Malawi,
Africa.  We began in 1997 to develop a sign language for our students, who
use Chitumbuka as the language of choice (they also must learn English,
Chichewa and often a tribal language).  Up till now we have had no way of
visually presenting the signs for new students and new teachers.  I am
hoping to be able to use SW for our school.

The school presently has 164 students boarding, ranging in age from 6 - 20.
About 60% are post-lingual deaf; the rest born deaf.  We have 12 classrooms,
plus the advanced vocational education section with an average of 11
students per classroom - much better than the usual Malawian classroom of 80
to 100 students per teacher!  We are located on a mission station which is a
3 hour drive from the nearest town of any size.  The school has no piped
water, but we are lucky to have a bore-hole (deep water well) close to the
classroom block.  There is electricity  on station, but it is too expensive
for the school to use except for a very occasional evening meeting at the

If you would like to learn more and see pictures of the school, visit the

I imagine I will be on here asking for help a lot!


Tiwonge chomeni!  (Thank you very much)

Carol Nussbaumer   Mama Kalo to the Embangweni kids

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