SignPuddle creating invalid bsw codes?

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Thu Apr 1 15:58:40 UTC 2010

Hi Alan,

Sorry about that.  This was caused by a flurry of activity that started 
after a Friday chat with Val on March 12th.

In 2008, we release the ISWA 2008.   A great symbol set.  I defined BSW 
using the ISWA 2008.

Well, the second week in March, I asked Val if we could refactor the 
ISWA.  I had several small but significant change requests.  She agreed 
to most and mentioned several of her own.  The ISWA 2010 symbols were 
finalized March 29 and the BaseSymbol names were finalized the next day.

The ISWA 2010 is the greatest SignWriting symbol set ever!  I'm really 
proud of the work we've done.  The new ISWA HTML Reference is ready to 
read, download and translate.

To translate the reference guide, you'll need to download the 
internationalization files:

Simply translate the 2 enclosed files in any text editor and send the 
new files back to me.  I'll be able to use the translated files to 
create  the ISWA 2010 HTML Reference in the submitted language.

I have also created a MySQL database creation script for the ISWA 2010.  
It creates 3 tables: symbolgroups, basesymbols, and symbols.  It 
includes detailed information and the symbol images.  I may release a 
database version of the SignWriting Image Server.  I'm curious about the 
performance differences I'll find.

The BSW that you thought was invalid was really BSW 2010.  I will be 
migrating SignPuddle to the ISWA 2010 shortly so I was testing my 
conversion.  The conversion is working 100% as far as I can tell.  You 
can read about the conversion online or download the PHP files.

There is an example conversion page that is very useful.  You can 
convert symbol names from the ISWA 2008 to the ISWA 2010.  You can 
convert a build string using the ISWA 2008 to BSW 2010.  You can convert 
BSW 2008 to BSW 2010.

Currently, the view button uses BSW 2008 and the analyze button uses BSW 
2010.  Both links should work.  I've updated the Binary SignWriting HTML 
Reference to use the ISWA 2010.  You can read online or download.

I'm currently working on the SignWriting Image Server 2010.  I'm almost 
finished and should be releasing it soon.

Thanks for your patience.  Let me know if there's anything else you need.



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