Lists at Valencia Majordomo --> Listserv ... You don't have to do anything :)

AlysseR at AOL.COM AlysseR at AOL.COM
Fri Apr 9 12:50:40 UTC 2010

This  has NOT happened YET ... but it will soon and it should NOT be a 
problem (but  several of us are here at the Deaf Studies Today conference in 
Orem Utah, so if  you write back, we may not respond quickly. :) 
The  IT people  plan to move our lists over to the new server tomorrow. For 
 the most part, there should be no difference other than the reply name of 
the  listserv email – old _majordomo at valenciacc.edu_ 
(mailto:majordomo at  new – _listserv at listserv.valenciacc.edu_ 
(mailto:listserv at .   
When  YOU hit "reply" your response to any email YOUR response will go to 
the right  place.  This is just a HEADS UP in case you happen to notice the 
difference  and wonder what's happening. 
No  need to reply unless you notice some sort of MAJOR problem after 
MONDAY.  :) 
For  the SLLing-L people (you're already on Listserv) -- we'd been having 
major  contact issues with your list, so you were our pilot to make sure we 
got things  working right.  Sorry for the hassle, but we've picked up about 
10 people  we'd thought we'd lost! 
List  owner (or co-owner) & VCC contact 

Alysse Suzanne Rasmussen, MA
ASLTA Certification:  Qualified

TeachASL _www.teachasl.org_ ( 
President, Florida ASLTA, _www.faslta.org_ (  
IDI Administrator, Master Mentor, RID  Sponsor
Chairman, Lulu G Lemery Foundation for Arts &  Expression, Inc._  
www.lemery.or_ ( g
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