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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Apr 9 16:06:48 UTC 2010

SignWriting List
April 9, 2010

Dear SignWriting List Members:

To my surprise, Valencia Community College, which donates the SignWriting List to us, has chosen to move our SignWriting List, along with four other Lists related to sign languages, to a new server using new LISTSERVE software.

So, our new SignWriting List address is:

SignWriting List

So please change your address books, with the new SignWriting List address, and we all are automatically switched over right now...Please always send your messages to the new address.

I still have to update our SignWriting List home page, with the new information. I have not received the administrative information yet myself, but when I do, I will inform you how you can manage the way you receive your emails on the SignWriting List.

Many thanks to Valencia Community College and Kevin Matis for their generosity of time and server space...

The SignWriting List was founded on my own personal computer back in 1996, and then it was moved, with the help of Paul Cowley, to the group of sign language related lists at a college in Canada, which included SLLING, TEACHASL, TERPS, and a sign language group from ONTARIO Canada, and the SW-L (SignWriting List). We were on the server in Canada for years, and then we all moved to Valencia Community College in Florida...

The SignWriting List is 14 years old!

Your messages provide us a window into SignWriting history, and a help to those who have technical questions. 

The SignWriting List Archives, which Bill Reese preserved for us (thank you, Bill) have been a major blessing - People access the Archives daily to learn about SignWriting history - Some are even writing research papers about the SignWriting List, since there has been so much activity from so many groups over the years, from so many countries...there are members on our List from over 20 countries.

You can access four List Archives on this web page:

SignWriting List Home Page

Adam, Steve and I are finalizing the International SignWriting Alphabet, the ISWA 2010, this weekend, and then we start a new decade. The ISWA 2010 will be installed into SignPuddle Online, and into other software. Steve is updating the SignWriting Image Server, Binary SignWriting, and the ISWA Reference Manual, and Adam is finalizing the photos and animated gifs for the 261 handshapes in the ISWA 2010, and I am working on the documentation and updating web pages and so web sites are old and need a lot of updating!

I hope you all are doing well - 

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at

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