QUESTION...Curved arrows that hit the Front Wall Plane

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December 5, 2010

Dear SW List:

I received this question today:

QUESTION...Curved arrows that hit the Front Wall Plane

> I am trying to interpret these 2 arrows. Referring to number 1 in the diagram...I admit I expect the middle curve to be opposite rather than the same. How does this arrow work? It also has all 16 rotations as compared to the other arrow (number 2 in the diagram) which only has 4 rotations? Does this arrow move side-to-side unlike the other Side Plane curved arrows? When I try to duplicate the motion in symbol 1 in the diagram, I end up with it moving more like symbol 2:

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I will make a short video and attach it next message...showing you will help.

First, symbol 1 does NOT have all 16 rotations...As you can see by the attached screen capture below, it does not go directly to the side planes (those rotations are not there), and the little lines change to dots as it rotates (which changes the look of the symbol) see all of the rotations for this symbol, go to SignPuddle and click on SignMaker to find the symbol (continues below)...

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The double-stem lines mean that some of the movement is "parallel to the Front or Back walls"...

Little horizontal lines mean that some of the movement is moving forward and "hitting the front wall". Little dots mean that the movement is moving back towards your body and "hitting the back wall"... 

So when reading these, look at the length and direction of the double-stemmed lines... the movement is to the side...long to the side...then forward a tiny bit and then long to the other side and so forth - like walking down a winding path that goes "side right, forward a little, then side left, and then forward a little - like in storytelling - a winding path -

But the symbol 2 that you mention above is a totally different movement - it is moving directly straight up, but while it is moving straight up, it moves in a slight curve forward, hitting the front wall, and the continuing up - like a double pot belly - ha!

I will try to do a tiny video of these differences next message -

Val ;-)

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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