English Words to Tunisian Lord's Prayer written by Dali Balti/

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July 2, 2010

Hello Maureen!
Thank you for sending me this message for the List. I am posting it here so the List can read it. And I absolutely promise I will get to helping you with your wonderful project in the UK. It has been a tremendously busy week, but I am enjoying all the progress being made around the world...

And congratulations on setting a date for your UK workshop. I plan to discuss this shortly on the List and to focus on your new BSL literature!

List members ...please read Maureen's message below:


Hi Valerie and Dali Balti and all..  
 As I  am an absolute beginner in SSW..    What are the Literal  words  to Tunisian Lord's Prayer.
Is it possible to have the words  underneath  the writing.. ? or to the top Left corner....???
One of my ways of Teaching : Make laminated  sheets.. of the words and Signs/ Symbols/  SSW  
People  learn quicker when they  see the 2 together.. 
 Ive found that in general , people prefer that When  learning B.S.L  if  the word and the sign picture  are together  they make great progress.
and Iv e made teaching/learning aids  for them..
 Perhaps it is so the SSW..
 Suzanne has started making  SSW sheets of  Topics as  resources for our workshop and we are having  both together.(SSW and word)  .... then just  SSW .... then just the words..
  so that a 3 section teaching/learning aid is  made..   Its then like a game...  we all love games.. 
 These will be laminated and velcro piece put on the backs  ... be sure that the" Word only"  sheet has the smooth bit stuck on..
 the front in the centre of each segment.. and the others  have the  needles  side stuck on the backs... then you   have the Word and SSW  gripped  on the each Word..  to be learnt  ..
 then these are taken off..... and  the  Right SSW  is found to place  on the  Right  Word..    (you have the ...SSW and word  as a Check to see if you are right.  )
 I hope you understand my explanation..
 Best wishes to all.. Maureen Doyle  ( Southport. )


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Subject: Tunisian Lord's Prayer written by Dali Balti

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