UK SignWriting Workshop August 27, 2010 in Southport

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Jul 2 20:24:40 UTC 2010

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July 2, 2010

Hello Maureen and Suzanne and Everyone!

THANK YOU for offering a SignWriting Workshop in the UK on August 27, 2010!

I met with Maureen Doyle and Suzanne Pach today on Skype....It is great to meet you both face to face ;-)

Suzanne and I worked together on SignPuddle today on Skype. I read Suzanne's writing of BSL signs, by reading the writing of the signs "outloud". In other words, I produced the signs...I did the signs...exactly as they are written, without knowing the meaning of the signs. This is an excellent way to be sure signs are well written - when someone who does not know the sign language, can produce the movements correctly based on the SignWriting spelling...and Suzanne's writing is really good and I could read every sign!

And then Maureen and I discussed our two non-profit organizations and I learned a lot about how non-profit organizations function in the UK. It is very similar to here in the US. Maureen has chosen to dedicate her life to teaching BSL and other methods of communication in the UK. I really admire her organization, called "Practice Makes Perfect"! They just won a big award...which is really impressive...

Suzanne will teach the SignWriting workshop on August 27th, under the auspices of Practice Makes Perfect.

I surely hope many Deaf and hearing people will attend the SignWriting workshop!

New materials are being written for the workshop in BSL in SignPuddle, including the writing of BSL materials on a DVD which Maureen has produced. You can look in the Literature Puddle for BSL:

SignPuddle for British Sign Language

BSL Literature Puddle

In the Literature Puddle, search for the word "farmer" and that will show you the writing of a song in BSL called EIEIO...

THANK YOU again, Maureen and Suzanne -

Val ;-)


On Jun 30, 2010, Maureen Doyle from Southport, UK, wrote:

Practice Makes Perfect.  winner of Spirit of Merseyside  award 2010
 is offering a Unique workshop. The First  in England :
A way of writing down Sign Language  "SuttonSign writing"
Date: Friday 27th August 2010.   Time : 10 am to 4.30 pm
Venue:   Joint Learning Centre..   54  BATH STREET. Southport. 
Tutor: Suzanne Pach  from Holland.
Cost: £100 to include  3 books , SSW   resources  and Maureen's own dvd  "Basics of Sign language" .
  and refreshments throughout the day..
Limited places:  for full details  email maureengndoyle at    
  ring  01704 546626   text / mobile 07960984306

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