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 t he song is    Old McDonald had a farm..  E. I. E .I. O.
 the  other is called  ..The farmers in his  den.. E .I A D 0.
  It was Lovely talking with you.

 God bless you and your work.
From: "Valerie Sutton" <sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG>
Sent: Friday, July 02, 2010 9:24 PM
Subject: UK SignWriting Workshop August 27, 2010 in Southport

> SignWriting List
> July 2, 2010
> Hello Maureen and Suzanne and Everyone!
> THANK YOU for offering a SignWriting Workshop in the UK on August 27, 
> 2010!
> I met with Maureen Doyle and Suzanne Pach today on Skype....It is great to 
> meet you both face to face ;-)
> Suzanne and I worked together on SignPuddle today on Skype. I read 
> Suzanne's writing of BSL signs, by reading the writing of the signs 
> "outloud". In other words, I produced the signs...I did the 
> signs...exactly as they are written, without knowing the meaning of the 
> signs. This is an excellent way to be sure signs are well written - when 
> someone who does not know the sign language, can produce the movements 
> correctly based on the SignWriting spelling...and Suzanne's writing is 
> really good and I could read every sign!
> And then Maureen and I discussed our two non-profit organizations and I 
> learned a lot about how non-profit organizations function in the UK. It is 
> very similar to here in the US. Maureen has chosen to dedicate her life to 
> teaching BSL and other methods of communication in the UK. I really admire 
> her organization, called "Practice Makes Perfect"! They just won a big 
> award...which is really impressive...
> Suzanne will teach the SignWriting workshop on August 27th, under the 
> auspices of Practice Makes Perfect.
> I surely hope many Deaf and hearing people will attend the SignWriting 
> workshop!
> New materials are being written for the workshop in BSL in SignPuddle, 
> including the writing of BSL materials on a DVD which Maureen has 
> produced. You can look in the Literature Puddle for BSL:
> SignPuddle for British Sign Language
> BSL Literature Puddle
> In the Literature Puddle, search for the word "farmer" and that will show 
> you the writing of a song in BSL called EIEIO...
> THANK YOU again, Maureen and Suzanne -
> Val ;-)
> ------------
> On Jun 30, 2010, Maureen Doyle from Southport, UK, wrote:
> Practice Makes Perfect.  winner of Spirit of Merseyside  award 2010
> is offering a Unique workshop. The First  in England :
> A way of writing down Sign Language  "SuttonSign writing"
> Date: Friday 27th August 2010.   Time : 10 am to 4.30 pm
> Venue:   Joint Learning Centre..   54  BATH STREET. Southport.
> Tutor: Suzanne Pach  from Holland.
> Cost: £100 to include  3 books , SSW   resources  and Maureen's own dvd 
> "Basics of Sign language" .
>  and refreshments throughout the day..
> Limited places:  for full details  email maureengndoyle at
>  ring  01704 546626   text / mobile 07960984306

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