SW-L Digest - 30 Jun 2010 to 1 Jul 2010 (#2010-66)

Dali balti livingtabernacle at YAHOO.FR
Fri Jul 2 22:05:33 UTC 2010

Hello everyone!

Thank you Val, Charles and Adam for your answers!!! I am so pleased to be answered so quick! hahahaha!!!!
Actually this question is a little bit troublesome for me! and I remember that in the past I used to write in the american way since it was helpful and clearer in a way to use the same hand shape direction for any color! But when I was reading the Spanish manual for the third time and specially the tables, I discovered that the white hand shapes were having a different direction and I could not guess the true meaning and I found it puzzling! and one day when I was looking to my hand I understood that it was related to the thumb and was convinced that it were logical!
Later, I discovered differences on the American, Swiss and French writings and thought that it were a mistake, but all of these people could not have done the same mistake unless there were two ways of writings, so I posted my question!
Most of the time, I find the American writing is logical since it must be pointed to the body and the sign is clear, but logically it is not the right direction!
I don't really know what to choose! hahahaha!
Thank you my dear friends for your sweet answers and patience! you are all so lovely!!!!! Blessings!!!!


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