Signtext query!

Dali balti livingtabernacle at YAHOO.FR
Fri Jul 9 06:13:31 UTC 2010

Hello everyone!
I have a new question please!
This times my query is concerning signtext signs' correction. What I mean is as 
When I make a signtext, and after I finish editing it, and I discover that there 
is one sign which is wrong, how can I correct it?
I noticed that I can click on the "v" next to the arrows and the "*" symbols so 
that I can correct it. and here I face two problems:
first, after correcting the sign I have to add it, when it is added it is in 
the bottom of the signs' list, and I have to click on the arrows to make the 
corrected sign rise upper and upper till it gets next to the wrong sign, thus I 
delete the wrong sign, and the new one replaces it.
second, if the wrong sign is written several times, so I have to repeat the same 
procedure as done above, and that's too boring for me, sorry for the term!!!!!!
Is there any possibility to correct the sign in its place, what I mean is, is 
there a possibility to correct the sign in its place like the corrections of 
words in a Word document??????
Thank you for the answers!!!!!

I also have an extra question : )
in the future, will there be a possibility to make signs from the dictionary 
appear on signtext directly when typing them, instead of rewriting all of the 
signs again and again on the signtext???????


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