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July 9, 2010

On Jul 8, 2010, at 11:13 PM, Dali balti wrote:
> second, if the wrong sign is written several times, so I have to repeat the same 
> procedure as done above, and that's too boring for me, sorry for the term!!!!!!

Use the Replace Symbol again and scrolling down to find the second sign you want to Replace, and click on the Orange Box to the left side of the second sign, and it will be replaced too...The Orange Box to the left of each sign, makes it possible to Replace that sign any time, with the sign that is sitting in the SignBox...

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> Is there any possibility to correct the sign in its place, what I mean is, is 
> there a possibility to correct the sign in its place like the corrections of 
> words in a Word document??????
> Thank you for the answers!!!!!

That is coming in future software. Right now, with SignPuddle 1.5, we have to write signs and documents the way it is right now...but that will change...the new SignPuddle 2.0 works more and more like that just takes time to develop the software.

There are many new developments happening behind the scenes right now that are sooo takes my breath away!

But I am grateful, Dali, that you teach your students to use the current SignPuddle, because everything you write now, will be transferred automatically to the new software when it is ready, and there are many new exciting developments that your students will love and benefit from...

It is like watching the birth of a whole new writing system spreading worldwide over several decades and the software changes as the world changes...and we are working on improvements all the keep your suggestions coming - they are on our "To-Do" List...

> I also have an extra question : )
> in the future, will there be a possibility to make signs from the dictionary 
> appear on signtext directly when typing them, instead of rewriting all of the 
> signs again and again on the signtext???????

Yes. That is a good idea. Right now, you can create SignText documents in two ways...1) you can write each sign directly in the sentence, like I prefer to do, or 2) you can use the Translate Feature. With the Translate Feature you do not have to re-write the can write them once in your dictionary and then use the Translate Feature to create your sentence by writing spoken language words, and then copy your translation into your Literature Puddle and it will open in the SignText Editor for you to correct and change and then when you save it, you have your document.

Some people write the entire document through the Translate Feature, and other people, like Adam for example, clicks on the SignText button, and writes each sign directly. Other languages do not copy and paste from a dictionary when written - right now, i am writing this English paragraph by typing...I am not pasting each word from a dictionary - so Adam and I got so fast at writing signs directly that we didn't feel the need to perfect the dictionary to make the translation possible - the other point is that in dictionaries, not all the facial expressions that are used in sentences are appropriate, so we didn't want to change the dictionary entries to match our can use the Translate feature if you prefer - this would mean you need to build a big vocabulary of signs in your dictionary file to give you all the signs you need to write a document -

Thanks so much for learning the matter what features you choose we hope the software is useful to you -

Val ;-)

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