XML compatibility for SignWriting with BSWML

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Mon Mar 1 21:52:02 UTC 2010

Hi list,

It seems people are still interested in XML for SignWriting.  With the 
Binary SignWriting HTML Reference, I defined a simple and minimalistic 
XML that's 100% compatible with BSW.  Talking with Val, we named it 
BSWML.  BSWML is about 4 to 8 times larger than the equivalent BSW.

BSWML encodes SignWriting and nothing else.  As such, it can be used to 
extend other XML formats  to add SignWriting compatibility.

You can find the DTD online:

While the DTD will ensure that the BSWML is well formed, it does not 
ensure that the data is valid. I did consider a Schema definition for 
BSWML to ensure valid data, but it appears that Schema can not validate 
hexadecimal ranges and can not validate against more than one range 
(required for <seq> tag).

BSWML has 2 main tags. <sign> and <punc>.  Here is an examples.

<!DOCTYPE bswml SYSTEM "http://www.signpuddle.net/bswml.dtd">
  <sign lane="0">
    <sym x="85" y="109">1ce0</sym>
    <sym x="107" y="127">8746</sym>
  <sign lane="0">
    <sym x="31" y="149">32ea</sym>
    <sym x="24" y="124">32e1</sym>
    <sym x="50" y="130">5ec0</sym>
    <sym x="42" y="102">b3b4</sym>

The <punc> tag is simple.  A single hexadecimal value within the range: 
EBC0 to ED9F.

The <sign> tag has an optional lane attribute of -1, 0, or 1; with a 
default value of 0.  Inside the <sign> tag there can be zero or more 
<sym> tags.  A <sym> as 2 mandatory attributes "x" and "y"; each with a 
valid range of -1919 to 1918.  The <sym> value is hexadecimal with a 
value range of 0100 to EBBF.   The <sign> tag can also have zero or more 
<seq> tags with a hexadecimal value in the range of 0100 to EBBF or in 
the range of EDA0 to F09F. 

Comments, questions are welcome.



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