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I really like this as this way it is not confused with the other fists.   I personally would put the thumb under three fingers with the Group 6 hands, and the thumb under two fingers with the Group 2 hands for that same reason.  It keeps the fist from being confused with anything else.  The articulators are the other fingers which distinguish the handshapes from the fist going across all four fingers.  Doesn't Ethiopian have an articulator with the Group 7 (ring finger) up?  As long as the configurations are separate, it's a matter of study as to where to put them, but I'd find them easier to look for by the articulating fingers, not the thumb. 


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March 5, 2010

Hello Ramon, Adam and Charles!

Thank you Adam and Charles - 

OK. What about this idea...the bottom sign in this attached graphic is Ramon's sign, but he needs the new symbol...

See my attempt at writing it with a line for the middle finger that is like a small box...does this work better? It is simpler and could be put in Group 8...I don't think it can be confused with anything else...and it can be constructed easily with the Finger lines in the ISWA...
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