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Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Mon Sep 27 00:33:53 UTC 2010

Well, I presented the workshop but I felt that I fell on my face for the 
following reasons:

1) Too much information, too little time.
2) Lack of vocabulary, all of the attendees were interpreters AND teachers of 
the deaf, and my vocabulary was inadequate to the task.  I should have asked for 
help from KJ or another interpreter at the beginning.
3) I got positive responses from a couple of people, but the most common one was 
"how many people IN OHIO are using this system", "why should MY students have to 
learn anything else?"  Half of them maybe "got it" but the others just kept with 
4) I should have simply linked to the website and gone from there as the website 
is informative, answers most of the common questions, and I could have had a 
Deaf Advocate actually talking to the group.  

Lessons learned, but I feel very small and inadequate right now.

Charles Butler
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