our good friend Charles

fernando capovilla fcapovilla3 at GMAIL.COM
Tue Sep 28 05:40:51 UTC 2010

Dear Charles,
Is there in the world anyone as sincerely caring as you are who has never
experienced at least once in a lifetime what you've described you've gone
through in that conference? Thanks for sharing your feelings with us (it
made us feel more normal). Please do not worry about that. Keep up doing the
excellent work you have done over the last decades. Sometimes the time is
ripe for the harvest so that we may feed the hungry. Sometimes the time is
ripe for something else, such as helping us accept frustration as part of
life and develop the virtue of patience. Everything cooperates for the
continuous further development of those who are truly sincere like you are.
Just keep on being yourself, our dear fellow whom we learned to admire and
trust. You are a much dear friend. Warm, sincere regards,
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