Workshop on SW (Rome,10-11-12 june): POSTPONED

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu Jun 2 18:52:59 UTC 2011

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June 2, 2011

Hello Claudia...

Thank you Adam, for answering this message. I did not receive Claudia's message in my email box this morning. If you had not answered I would not have realized you wrote to the List, Claudia, so from now on I will check our SignWriting List Archives every day...

And I agree with Adam that it is understandable, although of course you feel sad....but September may be a better month than the summer time when people scatter for vacations and traveling...I hope the workshop will happen in the Autumn -

I am sooo excited about this video:

Everyone on the LIst - you MUST see this video!

Claudia, may I make a request? Can you keep that video on YouTube? I would like to embed it into our web site....under the SignWriting in Italy section, which needs updating and new information - and I would like to place it on the SignWriting site front page too...

It is a marvelous video to see Italian signers writing SignWriting so skilled on the board - and reading it so well too!

Val ;-)


On Jun 2, 2011, at 9:37 AM, Adam Frost wrote:

> Yes, it is sad that you had to postpone your workshop. But for the reasons that you have listed below, I think that you have made the right choice. I understand how everyone in Italy is focus on legal issues right now. It is very sad. Hopefully it will all work out for the best with the workshop being postponed. Thanks for letting us know and best of luck.
> Adam
> On Jun 2, 2011, at 3:49 AM, Claudia S. Bianchini wrote:
>> Hello Valerie and everyone
>> I’m quite sad to announce that we have to 
>> postpone the workshop on SignWriting that we were planning for 10-11-12 
>> of June in Rome.
>> In fact, we haven’t had enough deaf people inscribed. 
>> I think this is explainable by 2 main situations that are going on in 
>> Italy:
>> - The 12th of June there is a very important referendum poll in 
>> Italy, to avoid the construction of nuclear power plants in our (very 
>> seismic) territory: to vote, we have to be in the city where we live, 
>> so this avoids a lot of people to come to Rome for our workshop.
>> - The 
>> Deaf Community is now fighting for the recognition by Italian law of 
>> the Italian Sign Language. Every way of communication used by Italian 
>> Deaf people (institutional and private web site, video-blogs, social 
>> networks…) is full of information about the organization of sit-in, 
>> protests, reunions… so our announce of the workshop was literally 
>> submerged by post connected to the LIS recognition’s fight.
>> Because of 
>> those two situation, we think that postpone the workshop after the 
>> summer will increase our possibility to have more people inscribed, so 
>> our possibility to do the workshop. I’ll write you more when we have 
>> decided when the workshop will take place; we think it will be at the 
>> end of September.
>> :-) (even if today I feel more ":-(" about this 
>> postponing )
>> Claudia
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