ISWA 2010 for Implementers

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Mon May 2 17:56:44 UTC 2011

Hi Jonathan and list,

I believe I have finalized the SignPuddle Online data conversion.  Many 
sign languages are represented.  Each puddle is available as a single 
XML file.  These files are meant for programmers and analysts.  
Thousands of sign entries organized in XML files that can be efficiently 
processed.  Please let me know of any problems.

You can access the SPML files directly:

Or you can try the SignPuddle 1.6 beta.  Navigate to the Export page of 
the desired puddle and export the source for the entire puddle:

The proposed Unicode symbol strings have not been stable.  Several 
changes have occurred over the years.  The last change for SignPuddle 
was initiated April 29th by an agreement Jonathan and myself.  This 
agreement is consistent with Michael Everson's preliminary Unicode 
proposal of April 4th with the addition of 2 characters.

I'm proud to say the ISWA 2010 has been stable since July 6th, 2010.  No 
symbol design or details have changed.

If anyone else has implemented the ISWA 2010 in software, database, or 
design model, please let me know about it.  How do you identify symbols?


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