ISWA 2010 for Implementers

Alan Post alanpost at SUNFLOWERRIVER.ORG
Mon May 2 18:09:09 UTC 2011

On Mon, May 02, 2011 at 12:56:44PM -0500, Steve Slevinski wrote:
> Hi Jonathan and list,
> I believe I have finalized the SignPuddle Online data conversion.  Many 
> sign languages are represented.  Each puddle is available as a single 
> XML file.  These files are meant for programmers and analysts.  
> Thousands of sign entries organized in XML files that can be efficiently 
> processed.  Please let me know of any problems.
> You can access the SPML files directly:
> Or you can try the SignPuddle 1.6 beta.  Navigate to the Export page of 
> the desired puddle and export the source for the entire puddle:
> The proposed Unicode symbol strings have not been stable.  Several 
> changes have occurred over the years.  The last change for SignPuddle 
> was initiated April 29th by an agreement Jonathan and myself.  This 
> agreement is consistent with Michael Everson's preliminary Unicode 
> proposal of April 4th with the addition of 2 characters.
> I'm proud to say the ISWA 2010 has been stable since July 6th, 2010.  No 
> symbol design or details have changed.
> If anyone else has implemented the ISWA 2010 in software, database, or 
> design model, please let me know about it.  How do you identify symbols?
> Regards,
> -Steve


I got to the signpuddle 1.6 url, select the US Dictionary, and export
export the "Entire Puddle."  After downloading the file, I tried to
locate this entry (a sign I entered for Wikipedia):

I can't locate this entry in the sgn4.spml file I've downloaded.
Did I make an incorrect assumption about what data is being exported?
Is that symbol in the export?

.i ma'a lo bradi ku penmi gi'e du

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