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MARIA GALEA maria.azzopardi at UM.EDU.MT
Wed May 4 01:17:03 UTC 2011

Hi Claudia,
How wonderful to hear of your work! I am trying to do something similar I
think. Thank you for the references - is there any way I can find them
online? What's the title of your thesis that is in progress?
Thank you,

> Hello All!
> so... my presentation...
> I'm Claudia S. Bianchini and I 'm a PhD Student in 3 differents
> institutions:
> University of Paris 8 (with Prof. Christian Cuxac), University of Perugia
> (with
> Prof. Margherita Castelli) and ISTC-CNR's SignLab (with Dott. Elena
> Pizzuto,
> RIP). I'm hearing and I've started to learn Italian Sign Language 6 years
> ago
> then, 3 years ago, I started learing SignWriting.
> I'm finishing (I hope to discuss in December 2011) a PhD in Linguistics,
> with a
> special focus on Signs representation and SignWriting.
> The aim of my work is to analyze very deeply SignWriting's structure,
> searching why it's so easy to learn it even if it's a very complex system.
> In
> Italian we say "non c'� rosa senza spine" (= there is no rose without
> thorns),
> so I also search for "bugs" in SW. In the meantime, with my colleague
> Fabrizio
> Borgia, an Informatics' Phd student (at Univ. Roma "La Sapienza" - with
> Prof.
> Marilena De Marsico - and Univ. of Toulouse - Prof. Patrice Dalle) we are
> creating a new software to write in SignWriting (something radically
> different
> from Valerie's Puddle). Fabrizio is in his first year of PhD so the
> software, for
> the moment, is only a prototype and we have to test it before presenting
> it to
> you. The first time we publish something about it I'll tell you,
> promised!!
> Another aim of my thesis is to analyze the capacity of deaf SW experts
> (Paolo
> Rossini and others members of our SignLab) to make methalinguistics
> reflections based on SignWriting's production. Maybe I've to explain it
> better:
> when you look at a video, you fiscally don't have the time to reflect on
> the
> language used to produce the message... writing signed languages (with SW,
> but not only!) allows Deaf People to think about the way they use their
> own
> language. So I collect informations about how Deaf People "feel" they are
> using their language. I don't know if I explained it well, but English for
> me is
> harder than Italian or French... I know I'm not obliged to write in
> English, but
> it's a great exercise to force myself :-P !
> So, this is my thesis!
> What more... I work on the Italian version of the SignWriting manual with
> Elena Pizzuto's team, and sometimes I teach SignWriting to small groups of
> interested persons: I realy like this part of my job :-) !
> I put here a little bit of references of written works.
> � Gianfreda G., Petitta G., Bianchini C.S., Di Renzo A., Rossini P.,
> Lucioli T.,
> Pennacchi B. & Lamano L. (2009). Dalla modalit�
> faccia‑a‑faccia ad una lingua
> scritta emergente: nuove prospettive su trascrizione e scrittura della
> Lingua
> dei Segni Italiana (LIS). In Consani C., Furiassi C., Guazzelli F. & Perta
> C., Atti
> del 9� Congresso dell'Associazione di Linguistica Applicata. Oralit� /
> Scrittura:
> in memoria di Giorgio Raimondo Cardona (Pescara, 19‑20/02/2009), pp.
> 413‑438. Perugia : Edizioni Guerra.
> � Antinoro Pizzuto E., Bianchini C.S., Capuano D., Gianfreda G. & Rossini
> P.
> (2010). Language resources and visual communication in a deaf centered
> multimodal e learning environment: issues to be addressed. In Proceeding
> of
> the VII International Conference LREC - Workshop �Supporting e learning
> with
> language resources and semantic data� (La Valletta, 22‑23/05/2010),
> pp.
> 18‑23.
> � Bianchini C.S., Gianfreda G., Di Renzo A., Lucioli T., Petitta G.,
> Pennacchi B.,
> Lamano L. & Rossini P. (2011). Ecrire une langue sans forme �crite:
> sur l��criture et la transcription de la Langue des Signes Italienne (LIS).
> In
> Travaux Linguisiques  du CerLiCO, pp. 71‑89. Rennes : Editions PUR.
> � Bianchini C.S., Di Renzo A., Lucioli T., Rossini P. & Antinoro Pizzuto
> E. (in
> press). Unit� lessematiche e Strutture di Grande Iconicit� nella Lingua
> dei
> Segni Italiana (LIS): nuovi dati e nuove metodologie di analisi. In
> [waiting to
> know], [waiting to know], pp. [waiting to know]. Roma : Edizioni Bulzini.
> And in the next months, we (me or a colleague of the the SignLab) will be
> at
> those conferences:
> � Orl�ans (France), 27‑28/may/2011.
> Bianchini C.S., Borgia F. & Castelli M. (prevista 2011). Le �bidouillage�:
> comment les locuteurs de Langue des Signes Italienne (LIS) s�approprient
> et
> modifient le SignWriting pour le rendre plus adapt� � leurs exigences.
> Comunicazione presentata a 25�me Colloque International du Cercle de
> Linguistique du Centre-Ouest (CerLiCo) �Transcrire, �crire, formaliser
> ‑ 2� .
> � Venezia (Italy), 20‑22/june/2011.
> Bianchini C.S., Di Renzo A., Lucioli T., Borgia F., Gianfreda G. & Rossini
> P.
> (prevista 2011). Lexematic units and highly iconic structures in Italian
> Sign
> Language: new methods of analysis aided by ah hoc software. Comunicazione
> presentata a Convegno FEAST.
> � Durban (SouthAfrica) 18‑24/july/2011.
> Di Renzo A., Bianchini C.S., Gianfreda G., Lucioli T., Rossini P.,
> Pennacchi B. &
> Antinoro Pizzuto E. (prevista 2011). Representing Signed Languages in
> written
> form: questions, insights, proposals from research on Italian Sign
> Language
> (LIS). Comunicazione presentata a XVI Word Federation of Deaf Congress.
> �  Aosta/Bard/Torino (Italy), 26‑28/septembre/2011.
> Di Renzo A., Petitta G., Lucioli T., Bianchini C.S., Gulli T. & Rossini P.
> (in attesa
> di accettazione). L�inno di Mameli tradotto in Lingua dei Segni Italiana
> (LIS):
> un�analisi linguistica. Comunicazione presentata a XLV Congresso
> Internazionale della Societ� di Linguistica Italiana (SLI) "Coesistenze
> linguistiche nell'Italia pre‑ e postunitaria".
> I've done a "divina commedia" (the Dante's Divine Comedy... in Italy it
> means
> that I've written too much :-P !)
> If you have any question, suggestions, ect... I'm here!
> Ciao Ciao
> Claudia

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