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Claudia S. Bianchini chiadu14 at TISCALI.IT
Wed May 4 13:22:29 UTC 2011

Hello all,
I answer to Maria and Valerie at the same time...

My PhD thesis' title is "Émergence d’un système d’écriture pour les Langues 
des Signes et réflexions métalinguistiques conséquentes: la LIS Écrite (Langue 
des Signes Italienne Écrite) et le SignWriting" (Rising of a writing system for 
Italian Sign Language and consequent methalinguistics reflexions: the Writing-
LIS and the SignWriting).
I don't know if you can find some of our articles online, maybe the LREC's one! 
I'll try, in the nexts months, to put them online on my website, ok? by the 
way, if you tell me which one you want, I can send it to you privately...
Obviusly, if you are working on something like my project, I'll be very happy to 
know about it... can you give me some of your references? I can read in 
italian, french, english and spanish...

Your explanation was exhaustive, you have helped me a lot!
For the mailing list archive, is there a way to have them all together, ready for 
download, in a zip archive or one single file??? For me it will be easer to read 
them like this than going everytime online*. I think I'll find very interesting info 
in the archives.

*personal info: I live in the beautifull countryside of Rome... but in Italy, we 
have a enormous "digital divide" between the city and the countryside. So, 
even if my house is only 7 miles far from downtown, I've only a 56kb 
connection there... at home surfing the web become a Yoga patience 
exercice!!! :-P

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