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May 4, 2011

Hello Claudia and Maria!
Thank you for the name of your dissertation, Claudia. I am sure we can find the links to your articles online. It will be great to gather information together.

I actually envy you the digital divide between country and city, Claudia. I work out of my home, in La Jolla, California, which is a suburb of San Diego. Even in my home office, we have fast internet connections, although not as fast as a business district, it is still amazing how comfortable it is to work from home here...and yet...the other day we lost all our electricity because of an accident, and 8 hours later we got electricity again. During those 8 hours without using all my equipment I enjoyed relaxation - and being one with just "living" - so maybe it is best that work is better for you in the big city - great to have a divide between personal life and work life -

Enough with philosophy!

I can well imagine I overwhelmed you with individual graphics files. Those pages that I sent regarding the Heel of Hand, are from a new book that I am writing with Adam Frost, entitled "SignWriting Hand Symbols". You can download the first four chapters of the book here:

SignWriting Lessons

Click on number 3 on that web page.

The Heel of Hand pages are not in the first four chapters however. I plan to post the entire book in time, which has 10 chapters. The Heel of Hand pages are in Chapters 5 and 10. So I hope to post Chapter 5 soon and I will tell you when it is ready.

I have already found links to several of the papers you listed in your previous message and will post those links as well. I wish I had more time in a day, but all this is coming...

Regarding getting the Archives in a zipped file - that might be possible for Archive 1 and 2, because of the excellent work of Bill Reese. Bill provided us those Archives on our web site, and we created a CD with the files, which I could either ship to you, or perhaps prepare a download for you -

But the Archive that is most important for researchers is Archive 3, which is hosted at LinguistList.org. I will need to ask them how we can arrange for such a download, or maybe we can mirror their site on our SignWriting web sites, which will then give us more control over the Archive.

Meanwhile, you can access the Archives here:


More soon -

Val ;-)


On May 4, 2011, at 6:22 AM, Claudia S. Bianchini wrote:

> Hello all,
> I answer to Maria and Valerie at the same time...
> @Maria
> My PhD thesis' title is "Émergence d’un système d’écriture pour les Langues 
> des Signes et réflexions métalinguistiques conséquentes: la LIS Écrite (Langue 
> des Signes Italienne Écrite) et le SignWriting" (Rising of a writing system for 
> Italian Sign Language and consequent methalinguistics reflexions: the Writing-
> LIS and the SignWriting).
> I don't know if you can find some of our articles online, maybe the LREC's one! 
> I'll try, in the nexts months, to put them online on my website, ok? by the 
> way, if you tell me which one you want, I can send it to you privately...
> Obviusly, if you are working on something like my project, I'll be very happy to 
> know about it... can you give me some of your references? I can read in 
> italian, french, english and spanish...
> :-)
> @Valerie
> Your explanation was exhaustive, you have helped me a lot!
> For the mailing list archive, is there a way to have them all together, ready for 
> download, in a zip archive or one single file??? For me it will be easer to read 
> them like this than going everytime online*. I think I'll find very interesting info 
> in the archives.
> :-)
> *personal info: I live in the beautifull countryside of Rome... but in Italy, we 
> have a enormous "digital divide" between the city and the countryside. So, 
> even if my house is only 7 miles far from downtown, I've only a 56kb 
> connection there... at home surfing the web become a Yoga patience 
> exercice!!! :-P

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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