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MARIA GALEA maria.azzopardi at UM.EDU.MT
Sun May 8 22:11:53 UTC 2011

Dear Claudia,
It sounds like a very interesting study - I'm glad you're working on it. I
am just about to get back to work on my phD after a 5 month maternity
suspension. Am working on the standardization of SignWriting for a
specific sign language - in my case, Maltese Sign Language - title is
'Signwriting: Towards a standard writing system for Maltese Sign
Thank you so much for offering to send me any article I may need. I will
be in touch then once I get back to work properly - as it takes a bit of
time to set the ball rolling again, after such a long break. I don't have
many references - just my two thesis which have used signwriting as
transcriptions, but I still have to find time to make these available on
the signwriting website. I love Rome! And it's is not far away, maybe we
could meet one day and discuss signwriting :)
Bye for now,

> Hello all,
> I answer to Maria and Valerie at the same time...
> @Maria
> My PhD thesis' title is "�mergence d�un syst�me d��criture pour les Langues
> des Signes et r�flexions m�talinguistiques cons�quentes: la LIS �crite
> des Signes Italienne �crite) et le SignWriting" (Rising of a writing system
> for
> Italian Sign Language and consequent methalinguistics reflexions: the
> Writing-
> LIS and the SignWriting).
> I don't know if you can find some of our articles online, maybe the LREC's
> one!
> I'll try, in the nexts months, to put them online on my website, ok? by
> the
> way, if you tell me which one you want, I can send it to you privately...
> Obviusly, if you are working on something like my project, I'll be very
> happy to
> know about it... can you give me some of your references? I can read in
> italian, french, english and spanish...
> :-)
> @Valerie
> Your explanation was exhaustive, you have helped me a lot!
> For the mailing list archive, is there a way to have them all together,
> ready for
> download, in a zip archive or one single file??? For me it will be easer
> to read
> them like this than going everytime online*. I think I'll find very
> interesting info
> in the archives.
> :-)
> *personal info: I live in the beautifull countryside of Rome... but in
> Italy, we
> have a enormous "digital divide" between the city and the countryside. So,
> even if my house is only 7 miles far from downtown, I've only a 56kb
> connection there... at home surfing the web become a Yoga patience
> exercice!!! :-P

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