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Ingvild Wrote:

"Norwegian SL is not like ASL, there is not a lot of fingerspelling. 
Borrowing from Norwegian spoken lanugage is mostly done by mouthing."

My experience:

When I was in the hospital as a counselor last week, I was working with communication blended between lipreading, English, ASL, and Pidgin Sign Language.

With that kind of system I need all of the modes of communication I can get. 

I used what sign language I could augmented by mouthed English, fingerspelling, Pidgin, and mime, and I know that SW can write them all. I was using all of them at once, and "communication" was the goal, not which language. 

My friend is born Deaf, and is fluent in English and ASL, and fingerspelling, and Pidgin. Had I tried to transcribe our conversation I think I would have gotten very lost.


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