need advice: uploading a SignWriting video to YouTube

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sun Sep 11 15:42:55 UTC 2011

SignWriting List
September 11, 2011

Hello Everyone -
I had to clean up a problem on our web sites, related to the fact that our SignWriting Lessons Videos used to be uploaded on Google Video. Then Google purchased YouTube and discontinued their Google Video site. This meant that all our videos had to be transferred from Google Video to YouTube...

In the process, they did not transfer all our videos - I know - frustrating right? I found out the other day from a student, that the Lessons in SignWriting videos were not available online - that when they clicked on my links they got a message from Google saying they were no longer available -

So yesterday I started the big job of re-uploading our videos onto YouTube (because there are more problems than just the Lessons videos too), and I stumbled upon a problem...

Take a look at this web page:

This is a newly uploaded video, by me, onto YouTube, yesterday -

Click to start the video - it does start - but - the audio, which was perfectly synced with the original video I uploaded, is no longer synced with the visual - the visual frames start first and then the music starts several screens later, which means when the voice-over starts it is several screens behind with the captions -

Any ideas of what I should do?

The sound should start immediately, not after the visual screens begin -

Have any of you had this problem before with YouTube?

Many thanks for your help -

Val ;-)

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