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Thu Sep 29 18:53:56 UTC 2011

Hello List,
Do you remember the EU funded SW project being implemented in Poland since last year? Now it's time for the next stage - a regular SW course for deaf high school students. I started it today. My Tarnów group comprises 8 students aged 14-17. The course is to comprise 30 lessons (classes) 45 minutes each. I am to give 2 classes each Thursday.
There is a similar course conducted simultaneously in a Krakow high school for the deaf by one of the hearing teachers, to whom I taught SW last year. She, together with some peers, have developed a SW textbook based on the American materials we got from Valerie but we have now a problem because they've used signs from the Polish SignPuddle and there are errors in signs that include thumb symbols (e.g. the sign for rok = year). I think the errors are due to some IMWA changes you have made meanwhile, that is, during the time period I didn't use SignPuddle (no time & motivation etc.). I will have to improve all such signs. Is there a way to "automatimally" change them to their former forms? And I think I have again the problem with editing the signs even if I am logged in... When I tried to do it a few days ago, I could see different functions (translated to Polish, thanks, Val!) but I couldn't find the "Change" function, hmm...
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