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September 29, 2011

Hello Lucy and everyone -

First, congratulations, Lucy, on your SignWriting course in Poland. I am so happy to learn about this and I am interested and happy to help...

Second, regarding SignPuddle - I am not surprised that there may be some old issues...both with writing signs with the ISWA 2010, and also new software issues...plus I never even finished the Polish User Interface - You were so kind to give me the Polish words that needed to be installed, so that you had the icons you needed in the Polish spoken language, and the job is only half done - so I feel slightly embarrassed over the messy look of the Polish icons -

So let's clean it up - we will take it one step at a time -

For me, I will find my old notes that you gave me for the Polish User Interface and focus on fixing the look of the icons and making sure Polish users understand the commands -

And I need to know two things from you....What do you mean by the Change function? - I am not sure what you mean...

And can you give us the names of a few of the signs that you want to re-write in the Polish dictionary? Then we can look them up and give you ideas as to how we would write them...

No worries - we will get it all done -

And thank you for posting to the List - Please send your students my best wishes - If I send them a SignMail in ASL signs, do you think you could print it out and share it with them? I realize they may not understand the ASL, but it would be fun nonetheless, trying to figure it out....

Val ;-)


On Sep 29, 2011, at 11:53 AM, Lucy wrote:

> Hello List,
> Do you remember the EU funded SW project being implemented in Poland since last year? Now it's time for the next stage - a regular SW course for deaf high school students. I started it today. My Tarnów group comprises 8 students aged 14-17. The course is to comprise 30 lessons (classes) 45 minutes each. I am to give 2 classes each Thursday.
> There is a similar course conducted simultaneously in a Krakow high school for the deaf by one of the hearing teachers, to whom I taught SW last year. She, together with some peers, have developed a SW textbook based on the American materials we got from Valerie but we have now a problem because they've used signs from the Polish SignPuddle and there are errors in signs that include thumb symbols (e.g. the sign for rok = year). I think the errors are due to some IMWA changes you have made meanwhile, that is, during the time period I didn't use SignPuddle (no time & motivation etc.). I will have to improve all such signs. Is there a way to "automatimally" change them to their former forms? And I think I have again the problem with editing the signs even if I am logged in... When I tried to do it a few days ago, I could see different functions (translated to Polish, thanks, Val!) but I couldn't find the "Change" function, hmm...
> Lucy

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