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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Apr 18 02:40:34 UTC 2012

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April 17, 2012

I think Steve's new searching features are really wonderful, and I hope you all will try them…

I have updated the links to SignPuddle 2.0 throughout our web pages - I hope I found them all - there were over 1000 links updated from SignPuddle 1.5 to 2.0, using DreamWeaver's auto Find and Replace system….in our SignBank and SignWriting sites... 

And I have started the job of updating the User Interfaces in other languages, to include a translation of some of the new terminology needed on some of the new pages Steve has now included…besides the English-ASL User Interface, the Portuguese UI for Brazil and Portugal has been updated the best I could - if something is not well-translated, just tell me and I can change it -

I started working on the Spanish User Interface but that is not complete yet - so over the next few weeks I will try to update each User Interface - we have German, Polish, Czech, Esperanto, Norwegian, French and Blind icons still to go….smile

I think the new Search Features should be explained with some videos and hopefully we can create some educational videos on how to use the new features -

Keep asking questions -

Val ;-)


On Apr 17, 2012, at 3:13 PM, Steve Slevinski wrote:

> Hi Maria,
> I'm glad you like the Search by Groups.  It's one of my favorite additions because it showcases some of the new searching goodness.
>> one small question - once you are at your welcoming page it gives a count
>> of the entries and two other counts - could you explain these
>> 362 Total Entries
>> 2405 Unique Signs
>> 3348 Sign Occurrences
> Each puddle is a collection of individual entries.  Each entry has an id number, also called the puddle page.  An entry can be used to record individual signs and/or longer sign texts.
> Each entry can have:
> * An individual sign
> * An extended sign text
> * Several spoken language terms
> * An extended spoken language text
> * A source
> The "Total Entries" is a simple count of the number of entries in a puddle.
> The sign counts are created by searching an entire puddle and grab all of the individual signs and all of the sign texts.  The total number of signs found in a puddle is the number of "Sign Occurrences", or how many signs occurred anywhere in the puddle.  From all of the signs that occurred, the number of unique signs disregards any duplicates to calculate the number of "Unique Signs". For signs to be considered the same, they must be exactly the same, except for lane.  Signs that are approximately the same are each counted as unique even though the difference in spelling may be meaningless.
> If we look at the numbers you included in your email:
> 362 Total Entries
> 2405 Unique Signs
> 3348 Sign Occurrences
> This puddle would obviously include a lot of sign texts because the sign count is more than the total number of entries.
> Like a regular word count, the "Sign Occurrences" of 3348 simply counted how many signs were found in the puddle.  The number of "Unique Signs" is smaller because some signs were repeated. Signs are most often repeated because they are used in a SignText.
> Hope that helps,
> -Steve

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