SignPuddle 2.0 is Live

Madson Barreto barretobh at GMAIL.COM
Wed Apr 18 09:43:10 UTC 2012

Hello everyone!

Steve also are very excited and happy with the new 2.0 SignPudde!
It's fabulous! The new forms of search are fantastic!

I would suggest the following:
- In the translation search is CaseSensitive, right? It may not be case sensitive by treating them as lowercase and vice versa?

- When writing a SignText long, and having to fix it, it's hard having to go back to the top to see the Symbols palette. The 'leaf' (do not know the correct name) where the sign is written follows the mouse wheel (scroll), but the Symbols palette is static. It is also possible that the Palette follow the mouse wheel (scroll) (so it will always be next to the 'sheet' where the signs are written)?

- Valerie: There are several entries in Portuguese and in Signs (buttons) in a language that are not usual in Brazil or are still in English / ASL. This week we will translate it into Portuguese / Libras. After sending to you and Steve. Ok? This is wonderful!

Hugs and again congratulations!

Madson and Raquel Barreto
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