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Thanks so much for your hard work. I hope you look at our translation of the video of the book of Mark.

Will we be able to copy a sign that we see and put directly in another file or will we still have to write the sign over again?

R. H.  Dettloff 

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On 4/18/12 9:32 AM, Ronald Dettloff wrote: 
What are the improvements or changes please?
Hi Ron,

I'm glad you asked. 

For the casual observer, things have not changed a lot.  Here is the
    list of the superficial changes:
1) New Symbol Frequency
-- ISWA 2010 names

2) New Search by Group
-- Recursive search of signs and sign texts

3) Updated spoken language search
-- Terms and Titles, Text, Source, and Puddle Page

4) Horizontal Writing
-- SignMail and ColumnMaker

We can discuss any of these changes if you want.

The more significant changes to SignPuddle 2 are behind the scenes
    and not obvious in the user interface.  The initial release of
    SignPuddle 2 is about stabilizing the data and extracting the

For SignWriting, I have hand crafted the data format.  In the past,
    it was difficult to use.  Instead of writing a complicated
    programming routine, I decided to improve the format.  After I had a
    new format, I would try to use it.  If the change was an
    improvement, I've had to convert the SignPuddle data set and
    continue forward.  This process has repeated several times.

Searching has always been the last piece of the puzzle.  Until
    SignPuddle 2.0, I could not properly search SignWriting data.  I
    created a search demonstration within SignPuddle 1.6, but it never
    fully worked.

The end of last year I designed the final data format.  SignPuddle
    2.0 uses that format.  The Modern SignWriting (MSW) document
    describes the format and the processing available.  The open source
    project the SignWriting Image Server (SWIS) implements these

I have taken all of the image processing and text processing
    available in SignPuddle and created MSW and SWIS.  This foundation
    will allow anyone to easily leverage the SignPuddle data without
    having to use SignPuddle code.  It takes some technical knowledge to
    configure a server and leverage the code, but it is a significant
    base from which to grow.  Installation will get easier as more tools
    build upon this work.

I am very excited to start work on the new SignMaker and new
    SignText in jQuery.  It will be fun to hook up the new searching
    techniques to create a really fantastic user experience.  I'm hoping
    to integrate the keyboard while still supporting the mouse.  

Significant Changes
1) Standards document
-- Ready for review

2) Open Source project that implements the standards
-- Available on GitHub

3) SignPuddle data 
-- Available in XML files

Happy Days,
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