SignWriting in Brazil - obrigada!

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Ok, Charles Ouvinte...vou fazer a tradução para entender as suas orientações de como traduzir. Hoje vou usar o sing puddle

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Dearest people,
The correct title of Brazilian sign language is LIBRAS, it should not be translated POUNDS. It is an acronym of LINgua BRAsileira dos Sinais. (Brazilian Sign Language). Translation programs only go so far, this is one time when they break down. Libras, lower case, translates as pounds, as in weight. We need to send Google a proper translation for the upper case use of this word in Portuguese so that the translation program does not mistranslate
One would not translate USA as "he uses" but as United States of America.  Charles Butler
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Clear writing moves business forward.
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 Subject: Re: SignWriting in Brazil - obrigada!

Querida Valéria Sutton,

Fico muito feliz em poder compartilhar com todos voces a minha alegria de
descobrir a escrita apra os sinais de LIBRAS. 
Acredite...vou esforçar o máximo para aprender e transmitir aos outros, os
surdos esta preciosidade...

Abraços a Valerie Sutton e Charles Butler..

Maria Clara Béssa

Wanted Valéria Sutton,

I am very happy in being able to share with all you my joy to discover the
writing apra the signals of POUNDS. 

It believes… I go to strengthen the maximum to learn and to transmit to the
others, the deaf people this preciosidade…

Abraços the Valerie Sutton and Charles Butler.

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