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October 26, 2012

Hello Maria and Bill -
Thank you for your messages. Reading Bill's message below makes me think the problem might be related to a tiny feature in DocumentMaker Pro for people who use A4 size paper. Since you use A4 paper in Malta, it is my guess that we need to look to see if you chose A4 paper, while you were preparing the document in DocumentMaker Pro and if you chose to make sure your PDF was in A4…there are two different buttons you have to push in the software to coordinate this, and I bet Bill is correct in realizing that the PDF is trying to fit more on one page than it has the room for, if the PDF software inside DocumentMaker Pro thinks it is a US Letter size paper but the document was set to A4 - A4 is a longer page size, so that would create a little dilemma - this of course is really a fault of DocumentMaker Pro software - but because of lack of funding I have not been able to update the program - so later today I will look into this too and get back to you - thank you Bill for pointing
  this out so well - there will be a remedy for sure...

And Bill, while I think of it, you will be presenting SignPuddle at a conference soon, right? Tell us about that too - in a separate message…. and we are here to help you as well -

So Maria - I will get back to you -

Val ;-)


On Oct 26, 2012, at 6:07 AM, Bill Reese wrote:

> Maria,
> Check for blank lines at the bottom of the pages or two page returns.  Sometimes, if you have a longer page in your document than what's set for your "printer" (however you make the PDF), it will flow to the next page and then encounter the page return.  If the bottom of a page is just blank lines, it makes the next page look blank.  Or if you have two page returns in a row, you'll get a blank page.
> Bill
> On 10/26/2012 7:39 AM, MARIA GALEA wrote:
>> Hi Val,
>> We have started to use DocumentMaker Pro - and have encountered two
>> problems, hoping you or someone on the list can help with:
>> 1. I can't get the layout right - I chose Portrait odd page and when it's
>> viewed as a pdf it skips a page each time. Do you know why this happens?
>> I'm quite sure I must be doing something wrong.
>> 2. Fonts. We need Maltese fonts for these stories. I wrote the text in
>> Word where we have Maltese fonts but as you can see in the document they
>> do not come up in the pdf view. Any ideas for a solution?
>> thank you very much! i'm copying in Karl from the project..
>> Thanks again,
>> maria

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