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SignWriting List
October 29, 2012

Dear SignWriting List Members:

Welcome to our new List member from Slovenia, Edi Strouhal. Edi wrote to me as you can see below, with many questions.

I am so happy you joined the SignWriting List, Edi. Thank you! Excerpts of your message are pasted below so the SignWriting List members understand your questions. I will answer you today here on the List - 

I am so happy that you are writing in the Slovenian SignPuddle, and I have now made you an Editor:

Slovenian SignPuddle Dictionary

I will write again here on the List soon with answers -

Val ;-)


On Oct 27, 2012, at 3:45 AM, edi strouhal wrote:

> Hello, I'm Edi Strouhal from Slovenia.  I'm a Catholic priest. Our Slovenian bishops, few years ago, observed that I speak Slovenian Sign Language and two years ago declared me for chief of Slovenian Catholic deaf community (Slovenian: koorodinator Pastorale gluhih in naglušnih Slovenije). Unfortunately, in our deaf history Slovenian deaf people never write our sign language in SignWriting. I'm interested in and I would like start to teach deaf people Signwriting in Slovenian Signewriting. It nice for me that SignWriting is universal for all languages.  As a priest I live in Ljubljana and I work all across  Slovenia in different Catholic Deaf community in our parishes. I note that Slovenian dictionary in Signpuddle are almost empty. For some time i learned the rules of SignWriting online and I am already registered Sinpuddle Online. I admit, I like write in SignWriting. And now on, I would like to type a  Slovenian sign - words in Slovenian SignPuddle dictionary. I have some questions for you:
> 1: Via Internet I copied meny Lessons to learn Sign writing. Also I copied the literature under the heading SignPuddle Reference TM Manual 1.5. In Chapter 19  EDIT A SIGN (page 33) are described the process of how can I modify or edit existing sign -  existing signwords. I can change only this sign or this words, which was write in write - time or write day. Nearby a sign are comand  WriteSign, SigSpeling, WriteWords, ... which help me them changing. But I can not change, for example, this one, which was written yesterday or some day befor, because nearby the words/sign there are not the comand as: WriteSign, SigSpeling, WriteWords; ... but only comand Cusomize Sign and Copy Sign. From time to time iI note that some symbols may be better present and from time to time I need to change them and them more clearly present. I wount change a sign wrote by other autor (I hope ths is impoosible, because it is ufair) but only this one I wrote.
> ----cut---

> 3: On my computer I downloaded Sutton Fonts. But in Slovenian Language we have some characters, wich dont exist in other langusges or are speling some diferent as in other language. This characters are: D = ; Č = ;P =;Š= , Ž=  . Is it possible to create Slovenian SignWrite fonts?
> 4. Can  Idownload or can I buy program (software) or USB SignWriting to instal on my computer? I be liked to write In sign language also on my computer and not only online. Is it possible? What price is for this one - you know I am from Slovenia (not from Slovakia) - Europe.
> 5. Can you advice me how to realize project SignWriting in our country - Slovenia: some  literature, different SignWriting programs?
> I would like you explain me how to edit this stuff. I'm sorry that my English is not correct but I hoppe you will understand me. Thank you for your advice and I hope that we will in future cooperate with each other.
> In the hope that you will answer me, I send you a warm greetings from Slovenia! Edi Strouhal.


Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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