Font for ISWA 2010

Eduardo Trápani etrapani at GMAIL.COM
Fri Sep 21 15:02:57 UTC 2012

Hi Steve!

Thanks a lot.  I had been trying with a python script like the one you
posted.  Right now, with your script and a couple modifications, I can
finally create the font.  The only problem: fontforge gets the svg
fillings wrong.  I've been trying to fix that, I will report if I succeed.

My idea is to map some glyphs to the first Unicode page, just to make
sure things work.  Only then I will move to the private area.  Once that
is done, I expect to make the font Graphite-compatible.  And then, after
the Graphite programming is done, applications like Firefox could read
the Unicode stream!

Thanks again for the script and the information and, if you know of
somebody trying to do something similar, I'd be glad to join efforts.


PD: Val, yes, I'm a programmer.  And I hope I can make this work!

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