signpuddle entry disappeared?

Oscar Koller oscar.koller at GMAIL.COM
Thu Sep 27 12:17:30 UTC 2012


my name is Oscar Koller. I am very interested in using SignWriting and 
SignPuddle for research on automatic Sign Language recognition.

I am currently testing Signpuddle for annotating a part of our data. But 
i am wondering. The signs that I added yesterday to the German Puddle 
(SGN-Number: 53) and that I was able to download through the export 
function, are gone by today. One of them had id="18597".

What is the reason? Is there any sort of manual/automatic cleaning in 
the database, that rejects entries, that do not correspond to a 
particular scheme? I didn't add heads for instance, might that cause the 

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Is there any free tool available, that I could use to write signs 
in signwriting locally (like the sign writer in sign puddle), save them 
locally and later import them into the public signpuddle...? For 
research, no commercial interest.

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