signpuddle entry disappeared?

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Thu Sep 27 13:45:09 UTC 2012

Greetings Oscar Koller,

It looks like your entries were deleted by an editor.  I do not know 
why.  This shouldn't have happened.  It was very inconsiderate. Please 
let me know if it happens again.

If you send me the export, I can add back the deleted entries.

In the German dictionary, writing with heads is the current writing 
style of Stefan Wöhrmann. Question for Stefan, should we split into two 
German puddles?  When dealing with spelling examples, dictionary lookup, 
and general use: I can see the benefit of having the body of work based 
on particular rules of spelling.

No free ways to edit SignWriting on a local machine.  Work in progress.  
2013 should be an amazing year for SignWriting editors. I hope we can 
maintain compatibility with SignPuddle Online.  It is a great example of 
great writers from all over the world.

Valerie's non-profit does offer private puddles where you can set the 
security for who can view, who can add, and who can edit.  There is also 
the PersonalPuddle, a client side version of SignPuddle Online for Mac 
or Windows.  Easy to install on Linux too.  The import / export is for 
entire puddles or single entries.  These services are available for a 
fee or private agreement.


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