SW in Poitiers University (France)

MARIA GALEA maria.azzopardi at UM.EDU.MT
Thu Mar 14 12:39:02 UTC 2013

Great to hear about your practical lessons of SW at University.

Claudia, just to let you know I haven't read through your work yet - I
struggle with French a little, so I've put in on hold for a little while -
by any chance would you have an English copy of your thesis?

Can I just ask a quick question - when you say you re-organized the ISWA
symbols - did you keep the same amount, or did you reduce these for the
writing of your specific sign language?

Thank you and best wishes for your teaching!

> Hi Val & all,
> yesterday I started a pratical lesson of SW with my students at Poitiers
> University (in Central-Western France) during my course "writing systems
> for vocal and signed languages". I think that the SW lesson will take
> place
> for 6 or 8 hours.
> For the moment, my students (more or less 50 hearing persons, 20-22 years
> old, studing to be interpreters, educators etc.) seems to be very
> interested. It's for me a way to expand the using of SW in france (after
> the LS-Script project in 2005-2007 SW "desapear" here in france) and also
> to try if the re-organisation of ISWA I've done for my PhD thesis make SW
> easyer to learn.
> I'll keep you informed
> Claudia
> --
> Claudia S. Bianchini, PhD
> A.T.E.R. Licence SDL-LSF @ Univ. Poitiers (France)
> chiadu14 at gmail.com <chiadu14 at gmail.comt>

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