signwriting (swml file problem)

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That is fine  Dr Stephen , But i do not know more about PHP . So, there is no another  way ??
or another programming language as C# for example  ??
If it is not available can i use PNG ?

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On 5/6/13 2:36 PM, Asmaa Shaban wrote:

Greeting Dr Stephen and All : 
>From my understanding around the project : 
>1- the SVG is used to draw signs as for example (fig2) 
This is correct.  We are using SVG primarily until the TrueType Font
    is perfected.

2-  I should  do the FSW for each sign and also define its word in arabic as for example  (fig 1) where the user  when enter the FSW or the word in arabic , the sign is returned .
The FSW is the mathematical name of the sign.  The SVG image is created from the FSW.

3- But here i do not understand  how to link among the SVG file (fig2) and the dictionary file (fig 1) .
>thanks in advance
The SVG file is created from the FSW.  The open source project the "SignWriting Icon Server" is able to create the SVG from the FSW.  

I just published the first release candidate for the SignWriting
    Icon Server.  You can grab the source from Github and install your
    own, or you can use one of the several existing SignWriting Icon
    Servers available online.  I would suggest the Wikimedia Labs based

Github source:

Wikimedai Labs server:
SignBank Server:

Specifically, the "glyphogram.php" script is used to create the SVG.

You can call this script directly or learn to use the SignWriting
    Thin Viewer for website in general.

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