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Oh my goodness!! You are correct.  The classifier section is in English, not Spanish!  We will attend to this immediately.

Thank you so much,

-- James

---- Jonathan Duncan <duncanjonathan at YAHOO.CA> wrote: 
> Hi James,
>      Thank you for sharing this information on the web and the letting 
> us know about the website here on the list.
> I have read through 
> and found it very inspirational.  It will of help for many people to 
> sign clearer.  At this point there is no known attempts of grammatical 
> analysis of LESHO (LEnguaje de Senas HOdurenas) and I can see several 
> similarities between both languages.  As you mention it will be helpful 
> for students of any sign language.  I used some of the ideas to help 
> some friends in a small town who are trying to learn LESHO.  Its was 
> useful to help them clear up several misunderstandings about sign languages.
> I wanted to point out to you that for some reason pages 11-15 of the 
> Spanish version are in English.  It would be nice for those pages to be 
> in Spanish too.
> Thanks for all of you work there in Nicaragua and sharing it with us all
> Jonathan
> On 5/11/2013 9:43 AM, James Shepard-Kegl wrote:
> > The entire handbook is now available on the web by going to and downloading the desired link (under "projects now and future" section.)  The links are divided into the grammar and syntax sections (English or Spanish versions) and 18 vocabulary topics:  adjetivos opuestos (opposite adjectives), alimento (food), animals (animals), calendario y la hora (calendar and time), ciudad y campo (city and country), clima (weather), colores (color), en la casa (in the house), escuela (school), familia (family), geografia (geography), medico (medical), negacion y afirmacion (negation and affirmation), sentiminetos (sentiments), transporte (transportation), verbos (verbs)
> >
> > The only sections not available are the acknowledgements page and indexes.
> >
> > There are about 875 sign entries (with SW transcriptions) -- a mere sampling, of course.  The grammar & syntax section is far from exhaustive but, I hope, will be helpful to serious students of this or really any signed language.
> >
> > -- James
> >
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