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January 5, 2014

On Jan 4, 2014, at 4:33 PM, André L <andre-andre at> wrote:

> Welcome in this fine community in which I am since 6 months. I use signwriter studio which I like a lot but there is a problem when exporting to sign puddle...  We will discuss that later.


Hello André!
Thank you for the cute animation once again, and also the mention of the SignWriter Studio coordination with SignPuddle - I talked with Steve Slevinski about this around 10 days ago, and here is what I understood (correct me if I am wrong, Steve)...

1. A new version of SignPuddle, version 3.0, is under development and Steve is testing it now - After 3.0 is posted online and is working for all of us, Steve will focus on the issues of export and import to improve the coordination with SignWriter Studio...

2. Right now, using SignPuddle 2.0, there is a work-around for those files imported from SignWriter Studio that are imported as SignText instead of SignMaker files (dictionary entries)…

Perhaps you already know this workaround? I can’t remember if we discussed this already, so please excuse if this is a repeat from an older message…

In SignPuddle, when a person is logged in, under the SignText entries, there is a button called “Copy Sign From SignText”, and when you click on the button and copy the sign and place it back into the same SignPuddle file, and give it a the same name etc, it becomes an individual sign for dictionaries and can be searched and sorted - I have attached a diagram for those who are interested to see what I am talking about - See attached...

But all this should in time be fixed through the new version of SignPuddle 3.0, although it will take some time -

Thanks for hanging in there with us, André ;-)

Val ;-)





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