Delegs (decimal number)

André Thibeault atg at VIDEOTRON.CA
Wed Sep 24 02:42:53 UTC 2014

Hi Stefan,
³1,5² does exist in the Quebec dictonary SignPuddle. Click here:
Using the Delegs program, I type ³1,5 kg², and it seems to me that the
decimal number is the problem. For example, when I type ³1,5², the Delegs
program automatically shows three separated items. It looks like 1  ,  5.
I cannot get SW LSQ for ³1,5² above within the Delegs-document-program.
How could I type undividable decimal numbers (such as ³1,5²)?
Note that I did try to type ³1-,-5² and ³1_,_5² which always automatically
appear as three separated items.
Best regards,



Valerie Sutton
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